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Occupational Therapy: Activity – Nuts & Bolts July 23, 2015

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Until we started having V evaluated for fine motor issues I never realized how those delays would affect his every day life! At (almost) 5 years old you don’t see it used much beyond writing and colouring but when you start some of the exercises you really see how these difficulties could extend to different areas as he grows older. For this next activity just imagine trying to put together some Ikea furniture if you couldn’t manipulate your hands/fingers correctly. And you thought assembly was already a pain the ‘you know what’!

Materials Needed:

2 Nuts

2 Bolts

Yup OT supplies can be purchased at the hardware store too!

Our Nuts and Bolts courtesy of Home Hardware!

Our Nuts and Bolts courtesy of Home Hardware!


Object Manipulation.

** Again these type of activities help V build the coordination and strength in his fingers.


  1. Twist the bolts onto the nuts at two different points.

  2. Have your child use their non-dominant hand to hold the nut and the dominant (writing) hand to twist the bolt until it drops onto the table, making a loud bang!

    Twisting the bolt so it will drop onto the table top.

    Twisting the bolt so it will drop onto the table top.

  3. Repeat with the second nut & bolt set.


  • If your child is really into the activity you can have them try to replace the bolt onto the nuts using the same hand motions.

  • Buy nuts and bolts with a wider width. They’re pretty cheap so as your child masters the task you can go buy thinner ones later on but to start you’ll want them to experience success!

  • V loves the surprise of the loud BANG! when the bolt hits the table. He thinks it’s hilarious and it also encourages him to try to hold the nut and bolt still over-top of the table as he works on turning the bolt.

    End Result!

    End Result!