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Occupational Therapy: Activity – Leapfrog July 15, 2015

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You’d be surprised how many dollar store items can be useful for building up fine motor skills! I know I was…and grateful since it makes building your ‘at home’ kit pretty cheap. V loves this game and it’s based solely on a party favour you can get at most dollar or discount stores.

Materials Needed:

Leapfrog plastic toys (found in the party favour section of your local dollar/discount store)

Cheap and Cheerful!

Cheap and Cheerful!


Finger Strength/Coordination

N.B. These type of activities will help V build up strength in his individual fingers and assist him in practising using each finger individually!


  1. Line up 4 frogs to start the ‘race’.

    The starting lineup!

    The starting lineup!

  2. Have your child choose which finger and frog they’d like to start with. Choice and control are important!
  3. Have them use their chosen finger to press down the frog, causing it to ‘leap’ forward.

    Pointer finger

    Pointer finger

  4. Repeat using all four fingers on the dominant (writing) hand until each frog has been used. Which one won?!?
    Middle finger.

    Middle finger.

    Ring finger

    Ring finger

    Pinky finger. This one is definitely the hardest!

    Pinky finger. This one is definitely the hardest!


  • V will often try to use the same fingers on each frog if he can get away with it. Remind your child that they need to try each finger to see which one ‘wins’
  • Make sure the frog is actually ‘leaping’ as opposed to just being pushed along. You’re looking for purposeful movements rather than accidental pushes.
  • Most of the packages come with frogs of different colours, if yours doesn’t however use stickers or other decorations to differentiate them. This could be a great arts and crafts activity!

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