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Occupational Therapy: Activity – Dice July 14, 2015

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Another way to get the buy in from your child and encourage them to participate in your Occupational Therapy games is to focus on things they enjoy. V loves numbers…thank you Team UmiZoomi! He also loves playing Mario Party on the WiiU so he’s very familiar with the concept of dice and luckily this next activity involves a few of them! If your child struggles with numeracy there is an alternate version suggested in the notes that came from V’s OT worksheets.

Materials Needed:

Dice x 2 (one for your child, one for you)

Our Dice container! V loves being able to choose from the different colours. They're more fun than plain black/white

Our Dice container! V loves being able to choose from the different colours. They’re more fun than plain black/white


Object Manipulation

N.B These exercises will help V learn to use his fingers cooperatively to move and examine small objects. Right now he typically uses his palm or both hands to show you something held in his hand.


  1. Have your child place a dice in the palm of their hand.
  2. Ask your child to show you a number on the dice and demonstrate with your own to show them exactly what you’re looking for. Reinforcement is always good! Verbal and visual cues used together will make sure they understand what is asked.
  3. Have your child bring the dice to the tips of their fingers and use them to manipulate the dice so the desired number is showing on the forward surface.
Number 1!

Number 1!

4. Repeat several times so the child gets used to maneuvering the dice.


  • If your child isn’t comfortable counting or with numbers you can place stickers on the sides of the dice and ask them to show you the images/colours.
  • Make sure you vary your questions. Repeating ‘Now show me ‘x’.’ isn’t all that fun for you or your child! Try asking them to show you their favourite number, their age, how many cookies they had for snack etc.
  • Make sure the desired number/picture is showing clearly on the forward surface! I find V starts to try and ‘cheat’ a bit, only showing me the edge of the number, so he doesn’t have to move his fingers quite as much.
  • If your child drops the dice during the course of the exercise have them start the grip over again, bringing the dice from their palm to their fingertips. Practice makes progress!

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