A Personal Adventure Into Parenthood

Sick Day April 20, 2015

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I had an awesome blog planned for this week…but it’s going to have to wait. Since I am the parent to two of my own little chemical warfare agents I’m raising the white flag and taking a sick day…from blogging that is. V brought home a cold that’s kicked all of our butts. Instead of writing a witty blog on parenting today, I’m going to cry uncle and snuggle on the couch with my boys while listening to Toopy and Binoo.'s that kind of day!

Yup…it’s that kind of day!

As a parent we don’t get to take sick days. We’re on call 24/7 365 (or 366) days a year. I’m so incredibly lucky that my husband is a fantastic, energetic and equal parenting partner so I do get to collapse into bed but since he’s at work today; here are a few things that feel about a zillion times harder when you’re feeling like death.

  • Making lunches: Lots of handwashing. ‘no cook’ simple dishes (aka PB&J) and easily opened snacks moved to the lowest shelf in the cupboard. A self-serve option for the older kid.
  • Changing diapers: Stomach turning endeavour made all the harder by hauling 16.5 lbs of baby up a flight of stairs when it feels like you’re walking through jello.
  • Trying to work up the appropriate excitement for your 4 year olds bazillion stories that all seem to require ‘choose your own adventure’ type participation.
  • Any trip outside the house: Trying to coordinate two small people and your ‘death warmed over’ self out the door sometimes leaves you wanting to sit on the floor and just throw in the towel. These things can wait.
  • Housework: Forget it….just no.
  • Dealing with anything that doesn’t go your way immediately: This includes but is not limited to; any form of technology that suddenly stops working, spilled juice, other adults who choose this day and time to be difficult, etc. May cause a temporary emotional meltdown. If you can’t beat ’em…join ’em! Can you harmonize toddler, infant and parent sobs?

On the plus side though I’ll be handing out quiet times like Oprah today: V you get a quiet time! A gets a quiet time! Mommy gets a quiet time! Zzzzzzzzz……


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