A Personal Adventure Into Parenthood

Back to the Beginning: The Short (but Long) Journey Home January 16, 2012

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After a brief foray into full-time work following mat leave, Andrew and I have decided that the best thing for our family is for me to divide my time between work and V, hence a drop to part-time status! This will hopefully leave me more time to continue my blogging journey, depending on how co-operative one very cute, but very active toddler may be.


I’ve touched on a few of my favourite topics and pet peeves but have been requested to continue my intro into our terrifying/exciting journey into parenthood (started all the way back in August!). When I left off V had made it through the critical 24 hour period with no drops in breathing or heart-rate…cue giant sigh of relief! And now…the continuation…


The next morning Andrew showed up a little before 8 and watched me demolish my breakfast. After finally having a few hours of sleep before the tray was dropped off, I must have been feeling in better spirits, and famished at that! I ate a lot while I was pregnant but this breakfast tray didn’t stand a chance! It was delivered and the next time I looked down it was gone. When people talk about how nursing increases your appetite they don’t lie! Oh, and those celebrities who maintain that that extra 50 lbs they gained during pregnancy just melted off after delivery solely on the benefits of nursing? Liars!! I’m not saying weight doesn’t drop…but if you want to kiss that extra, 15, 20, 55 pounds goodbye? Extra effort is going to have to be put in. I’ll post later on my ongoing struggle with that!


Anyways, Andrew and I spoke with our morning nurse who asked if I wanted to be discharged that day or wait until the next morning. I’d been trying to prepare myself for that question all night, and take into consideration what would be best for all three of us. Now, the way birthing works in Ontario hospitals is that you get to stay in the hospital for up to 60 hours after a natural delivery. This generously includes a bathing lesson and counselling session before they hand you an infant (or in our case not) and send you on your way with a smile and a wave. They up this to 4 days if you’ve been unfortunate enough to have them open your belly, shuffle around your insides and remove the baby by c-section. Andrew and I decided that I’d like to be discharged as soon as possible. This would have been a different story with a private or semi-private room, but looking at Teen Mom 3 candidates and their healthy babies was like rubbing salt in the proverbial wound. We packed up my meagre belongings and went to spend some time with Vaughan before the doctor gave me the all clear to rest up at home.


Vaughan had had a great night and was wiggling his little arms and legs around in his isolette. The nurse on duty put up with our bazillion questions and assured us that there were no outright concerns for his health at the time, although preemies are unpredictable and things can change in a minute. He was still on his Aladdin ventilator but was breathing room Oxygen (HUGE milestone…for a preemie of his size to only need oxygen support for less than 24 hours was amazing). Andrew corned the doctor that morning as well (They tend to hide from NICU parents or they’d be there all day!) and was also assured that our little guy was doing well and showed no ill effects of his crash. He would be going for a CT scan to see if there were any brain bleeds (again common for preemies) which freaked me out for a few minutes but we put our trust and our son’s life in their hands. You don’t get to be a Level 3 NICU for nothing!!


Around noon, after my sexy green breast-pump had been delivered to my room, the doctor (one who’d actually seen us at the early pregnancy unit at UH! Talk about blast from the past), patted my belly to make sure all was as it should be and wished us luck before we headed for the door. Let me tell you, my heart broke as I wheeled my little suitcase to the elevators. No parent should have to leave their baby alone, even when they are in the best of hands. It was yet another miserable milestone as preemie parents, heading home with an empty belly to an empty nursery at an empty apartment. I definitely shed a few tears on that short car ride home, but Andrew assured me that we’d eat a quick lunch before returning for the afternoon.


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