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Happy Birthday Vaughan: Take Two! October 4, 2011

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Just after 5pm our guests started to arrive (although my mother did arrive just after 4…I’m thinking a new watch might be appropriate for her birthday? Hers appears to run fast…) and the party was in full swing. Vaughan was the perfect little host…crawling his way around the ground and chatting with each of his guests…although what he was saying is anyone’s guess. He even had a little friend come with his sister and parents, who helped him play with his balloons!

Can I just say it is so cute to see your little one bond with other kids his age? Having him play with us makes my day, but seeing him laugh, chat and try to play with other kids lets us know that we must be doing something right as parents since he doesn’t throw a screaming fit whenever he’s left to his own devises. Now Vaughan doesn’t like watching his Daddy hold other babies, but luckily he’s easily distracted by other people and things.

Vaughan and his little buddies! They appear to be having a serious conversation.

The only drama of the day was the cake…my one specific vision for the party of course! I had confirmed with the baker that it would be arriving at 5pm the day of the party so people could look at it and contemplate the deliciousness while they ate their burgers or hot dogs. At 5:30 however, there was still no cake… 6pm – no cake…Finally, after two phone calls to the baker, the cake was delivered just before 6:30pm and was definitely worth the wait. It was everything I had pictured and looked fantastic. What I also loved was that she had taken so much care with Vaughan’s smash cake as well. For a cake whose entire purpose is to be demolished as quickly and completely as possible, she had taken the time to add decorative touches in icing and whether she meant it or not that made us feel special. It’s always nice to know someone took extra care with your order, it’s just good business!

Vaughan's very own cake!

The main event in all of its candle'd glory!

We were so thankful that so many of our friends and family came to help us celebrate this milestone. Our house was bursting at the seems but luckily we’d planned for this and had enough food and drinks to go around. The Winnie the Pooh drinks went over well and the vegetable tray mostly disappeared! We did run out of propane (Bah! This was not on my list…can you tell I am not the barbeque-er in the family?) but not until the end of the evening….so lucky timing on that one!

After the food it was time to move on to every kid’s favourite part of a party…presents! I can tell you that Vaughan was totally and completely spoiled…we are so lucky to have so many generous family and friends. I think all of you parents know that party invitations go out without the expectation of gifts, we really just wanted to celebrate the day with our nearest and dearest…but it was astounding how many of them took the time to pick out amazing and thoughtful gifts for our little man. Each one was geared towards him in a unique way and he loved them all…almost as much as the wrapping paper! Everyone always says that 1 year olds are bow and tissue paper obsessed and I can now confirm that they are right…Vaughan is right up there with the best of them…shaking tissue paper and sticking bows to his own head….what a charmer!

Helping Daddy open his presents.

After presents it was time for the smash cake!! Poor kid…we stripped him naked to his diaper, added a silly bib and hat and then set him on a plastic mat in the middle of circle of standing adults…I can tell you now that the pictures we got of this moment are hilarious and will live on in infamy, likely in his high school yearbook or wedding slideshow… Needless to say he was not impressed but that all changed when the cake was set out.

What a face....

Vaughan was a little hesitant at first, smearing his name and wiping his hands off neatly on his bib…so cute! But once Daddy showed him that the cake was edible, all bets were off. He went nuts, double fisting handfuls of cake and cramming them into his tiny mouth! He flipped the cake over, tore out the insides…this smash cake brought out a whole new level of destructive for this kiddo! Andrew and I watched and laughed, taking enough pictures to fill a whole album. I can now say that this smash cake was one of the best decisions I made for the party. The birthday baby provided the main entertainment and watching him enjoy himself so much warmed all of our hearts. Only adding to the hilariousness however was Vaughan’s little buddy….who was horrified at what Vaughan was doing. He was looking at Vaughan smash the cake into the ground, shaking his head and saying “No! No!” What a sweet boy!

Stuffing his little face with cake!

After the cake was smashed, us adults got a piece of the larger one and it tasted as good as it looked. We had a ton left over but I’m pretty happy we had too much rather than too little…

I had to put off my cake eating for a bit in order to hose down the birthday boy and put him to bed. Even birthdays come with a bedtime in this house and our little man was partied out! Bath was pretty fun and let me tell you there was cake everywhere…up his nose, under his arms, under the diaper…too funny! He got all snuggled up in his PJs, said goodnight to his guests and went down like a champ. So nice when your baby nods off to dreamland without any hysterics when you have a house full of people!

His guests slowly left after the birthday boy was down and we had the whole place cleaned up and back to baby-friendly by 1am. It was a long day but worth every second. We had such a great time with everyone who came out to celebrate and Vaughan had a blast. He might be little but you just can’t fake that kind of happiness! He was giggling, running around and chatting up a storm and to see him enjoy it all was reward enough for us.

Happy 1st Birthday Vaughan! We’re so lucky to be your parents.


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