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Happy Birthday Vaughan! Round One… September 26, 2011

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After starting work on Sept 5th time seemed to fly by! Gone were the days of sleepy morning cuddles with V, blogging over afternoon naps and leisurely evenings spent with my new husband. We ushered in an era of tag-teamed mornings getting all three of us up and out the door, fed, dressed and on time for work, rushed suppers before tutoring and falling into bed exhausted less than an hour after our 1 year old son…what a change! While balancing all of this we celebrated V’s special 1st birthday not once but twice!

On his actual birthday we woke him up singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and gave him his favourite foods for breakfast (avocado and yogurt….yummy!) before dropping him off with his Aunt and heading to work. My parents and grandmother drove down from NOTL to pick him up and show him off to various family members before taking us out for dinner in the evening. We capped off his busy day with a Winnie The Pooh ice cream cake from DQ and some present opening!

Playing with Great Aunt Shirley. Also a good pic to show how small he still is at 12 months!

Andrew and I wanted to get him some ‘active’ toys for his birthday since he’s such a ‘go-er’. We decided on a ball pit and it went over well…just not in the traditional sense. The cat loves to play in it…Vaughan likes to pull the balls out, throw them around the living room and then try to fit them into his mouth…I maintain that my nightly toy roundup in the living room is good exercise and my ‘reps’ were just increased once we set this toy up!

About to try snacking on one of the balls.

We also got him a Mickey Mouse doll that sings his favourite song from the Micky Mouse Clubhouse TV show…I won’t talk about it too much because if you have kids you probably already know the ‘Hot Dog Dance’ and if you don’t….well count yourself lucky! It definitely gets stuck in your brain…and I’ve often caught myself singing it to myself….embarrassing!

What was really interesting to see was how Vaughan reacted to gifts, the toys, the cake and the party. Vaughan was more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than the toys at first but definitely has started to engage more with things and he now tries to figure out how they work. He has figured out how to press on Mickey’s tummy to get him to sing and he can finally maneuver himself in and out of his ball crawl without getting stuck halfway. Although the halfway thing was very funny for Mommy and Daddy…frustrating for V…

He absolutely loved the ice cream cake! I’ve never seen this kid so excited to eat anything in his life. Anyone who’s been with us along Vaughan’s journey knows that we’ve had a long battle with him, food and gaining weight. He does like to eat but he has a very small appetite (at 12 months he eats about 5-4 oz bottles a day and 6 oz of solid food over three meals) and has a very high metabolism. We have had to fortify every meal he eats because, even for his corrected age, he’s in the 2nd percentile. That essentially means that for every 100 babies born at his ‘corrected’ due date (when he was actually due, not when he was born) there are only 2 smaller than him! Anyways, back to the cake, he had a few bites of ‘his’/Daddy’s piece and then we set him loose on the floor. At this point he crawled between Grandma, Mommy and Daddy mooching bites of cake from anyone who would give him any. He also tried full on stealing bowls of cake…determined little fellow! I’m so glad that this cake was such a hit too…now if only he got that excited about his oatmeal or carrots!! Mommies can always dream I guess….

Yummy ice cream cake!

We got lots of pictures including the traditional ‘baby crying in the birthday hat’ one to embarrass him with at his high school graduation or wedding some day. Vaughan was partied out and tired by the end of the day but seemed to really enjoy himself and all of the attention he got on his special day. Andrew and I took this as a good sign that he’d really enjoy his ‘big’ party later in the month and thus with a week and a half to go we started to work out the final details for our 1st birthday extravaganza!

Future blackmail material...


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