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How to Exit A Building August 25, 2011

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Now this part of the story somewhat resembles a farce…or a TV sitcom, and was told to me by both Andrew, the director of Three Musketeers and Shawn. Since I wasn’t actually around for this part I’m assuming these stories are fairly factual, and since all three of these people have access to this blog, any corrections are appreciated!

As previously mentioned Andrew was in the middle of rehearsal for a production of Three Musketeers as my water broke and since his phone had become extremely temperamental I wasn’t able to get a hold of him!

After calling Kerry, she hurried Shawn out of the door with directions to the rehearsal space. Shawn arrived at The Palace and ran into the building asking anyone he saw for ‘Andrew’. Now keep in mind the cast and crew for this production were quite large and there were no fewer than 3 ‘Andrew’s’ on set that day! Once the fact that Andrew R was the required party was understood, someone quickly grabbed him and Shawn informed him that my water had broken and he needed to get home ASAP. Andrew ran back onto the stage, interrupted the director, telling her he needed to be leaving….with no explanation. Seeing that it was less than 2 weeks to opening night the director was less than impressed! Andrew informed her that it was somewhat of an emergency and our baby was probably on it’s way! The director told him to hurry home and Andrew ran off the stage to an announcement that a ‘Baby Musketeer’ was on it’s way! Applause and good wishes followed him to the stage door. At which point he turned around and had to run back…he’d been so flustered he’d forgotten his murse.

Shawn and Andrew reached Shawn’s car and began the quick journey back to our house. Shawn, being the considerate friend he is, generously offered to let Andrew pick the CD for the ride…Andrew just looked at him in disbelief and ran out of the car and into our apartment building as soon as the car rolled to a stop.

He crashed in, wildly looking to see if I’d left yet, just as my mother and I were wondering where he’d gotten to. Please refer to conversation in my previous post…

Upon his arrival my mom and Andrew proceeded to frantically grab my bag and question me to see if I had everything I needed, all while rushing me and my giant belly out the door and into the car. I wasn’t even having contractions at this point but looking at the two of them you’d think I’d been about to give birth sitting on my bedroom floor….

**This is an addition as posted to the link on my Facebook by the director of the show. Thanks Ceris!!**

This is pretty accurate from our end Kendryth. He was very, shall we say, stunned. And was finding it difficult to communicate in complex sentences. The cast and crew were also suggesting baby names at him on his way out the door. Most popular were: D’Arty, Aramis and Henri de Beaumancher. We all liked the name you picked.

The next funniest part was when, about 45 minutes later, Porthos, Athos and their Captain – Mssr. Treville came to ask if they were finished rehearsal and could be released early. They all looked like they were about 3 and were asking to play hookey. Then they explained that it was due to their desire to go to the hospital to be there for their Musketeer brother and to welcome the new musketeer into the world. Of course, they were released immediately and with good wishes as well.

All in all, it was a very fun evening for us. Thanks for that wonderful contribution to an already special show. But you took it over the top


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