A Personal Adventure Into Parenthood

Couches and Other Strange Events August 24, 2011

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After finally returning home that Thursday night I parked myself on my bed and didn’t get up unless it was absolutely necessary. I noticed that whenever I took on any physical activity I’d get some contractions so I figured resting my considerable behind was the best course of action. I had an appointment on the following Thursday and was hooked up to the monitors in Triage for a few hours, just to make sure all was going well. This time I got my head and belly pat before they sent me on my way! I had a couple huge sighs of relief and convinced myself that all was about as normal as it was going to get.

Andrew and I hosted our baby shower the next Sunday at Eastpark and enjoyed getting together with our large family to celebrate baby Richardson’s upcoming arrival! That baby was spoiled rotten and he wasn’t even there yet! We felt so blessed as we literally took home a carload of baby stuff. Sorting and examining all of these strange and wonderful new baby things occupied my time for the next day or so and I finally allowed myself a little hope that things would be just fine and in a few weeks we’d be bringing home our son in one of those beautiful outfits!

That Tuesday I was in a terrible mood and it was one of those days things just weren’t going my way. Our second attempt at a new couch was delivered and again it wouldn’t fit through our front hall, the delivery men were unhelpful and I was on my feet way too much. Our kitten peed all along our hallway and then proceeded to hack up a hairball in my room, resulting in me having to get down on my hands and knees to clean it all up. I had phone calls from our rental agency regarding an ongoing issue with our utilities and to top it all of it all off Andrew was going to be gone all evening so I didn’t even have anyone to vent to!

Now, as a sidenote, I should probably mention that earlier in the summer Andrew had asked me if I minded if he did another play. The producer and director for Three Musketeers had called and offered him the role of Aramis and he was excited by the opportunity to take on a large role. After discussing the show dates (late Sept) we figured it would be perfect timing…one last show before baby! Hence during all of this hospital drama he was attending long rehearsals to learn choreography, fighting and blocking. Busy man!

Anyway, back to that Tuesday; Andrew stopped in at home to see how I was doing before heading off for rehearsal and I settled myself back in on my bed to watch some TV. While watching a repeat for the season finale for Glee I suddenly became very alarmed. Now as most pregnant women can attest, bladder control during pregnancy can get somewhat….adventurous… I was used to having to use the facilities with overwhelming frequency however as I sat up I came to the alarming conclusion that I had just wet myself…like a 2 year old! Looking down in disbelief I hauled butt (slowly) to the washroom and looked down…to find that I hadn’t wet myself as I had feared…but my water had broken! Strange fact: just as the character ‘Quinn’s, on the episode of Glee I’d been watching, had broken…talk about coincidence!

At this point you’d think I’d have had a meltdown, alone and standing in a puddle of water in our washroom, however I suddenly became calm, cool and collected. First order of business was to call Andrew: and in the pattern of that day, his phone had decided that receiving calls was no longer a feature of his plan (needless to say we got new phones the following weekend). Okay, now what? I called my mother to let her know I needed to head to the hospital and she nearly hung up on me in her haste to get into the car and pick me up. Next, I called my friend Kerry (who’d been under general anesthetic that day) to send her boyfriend Shawn to the rehearsal to pick up Andrew. After this I had myself a quick shower, figuring it might be a while before I had that opportunity again, packed a bag and sat on the bed to wait for everyone to arrive!

My mother arrived, practically tripping over herself while swearing about some train that had held her up and asking frantically where Andrew was….excellent question…let’s examine that shall we?


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