A Personal Adventure Into Parenthood

A Bed For One: Antenatal August 23, 2011

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When Andrew and I arrived at Triage that Saturday night we were remarkably unprepared. I had assumed, based on my previous visits, that they’d hook me up to the monitor for an hr or so, pat me on the head and belly and send me on my way. Wrong! We packed no bag and ate no dinner, leaving freshly made date squares on the counter and were promptly hooked up to the monitor and left to our own devises.I was having sporadic contractions and no one was happy about bleeding so late in the pregnancy, so I was going to have to wait to see the doctor. I sent Andrew out for a packed bag and sneaky McDonald’s (have I mentioned I gained 60 lbs??) since I wasn’t technically allowed to eat…

Andrew still describes our pair of nurses at the beginning of that night as Abbott and Costello. They kept losing my records, monitor printout and couldn’t get my IV inserted! This did not help the stress of the evening, even more so when one of the nurses casually looked at the printout of my contractions and mentioned ‘Well you might be having a baby tonight!” with no additional details, on her way out of the room! Andrew and I just looked at each other in total shock…

After talking to the doctor, they told us that they wanted me to stay overnight for observation so I was moved into a more comfortable Labour and Delivery room with a reclining chair for Andrew to ‘relax’ in. I was given some Gravol, IV fluids and told to sleep, as best I could, on my side while attached to the monitor. Thankfully, we had a new nurse, Nicole, who was amazing, helpful and kind…what a blessing!

The contractions eased but the next morning the doctor told us she would be happier if I was admitted to the Antenatal ward for observation. I needed some shots of steroids to help speed up baby Richardson’s development since all signs pointed to an early arrival. My blood work showed that I would likely give birth in the next two weeks, which would make him, at most, a 32 week preemie! We were so not prepared for this but we decided we’d do what we needed to do to make sure our baby had the best chance possible.

Andrew went home to shower and feed our cat while I was wheeled down the hall to my new ‘home’, a window bed in a 4 bed ward room filled with other high risk mommies. When I got to the bed I just burst into tears, this isn’t how I pictured pregnancy or birth at all! One of those ‘Life Isn’t Fair’ moments I guess. My day nurse came in, passed me a towel and toiletries and told me to go freshen up, I’d feel better. Apparently total emotional meltdowns are common on that floor!

And so began my new routine: days filled with tests, tests, and more tests followed by a brief consult with either a doctor or resident.  The food was disgusting, sleep almost non-existent and all of the constant worry and wonder didn’t make for an easy week! Also since I was in a ward, Andrew was kicked out at 10pm each night, leaving each of us to deal with our stress and worry alone, not an easy task! Finally on Thursday, since I’d had no further trouble, the doctors let me loose! I was allowed to go home on strict bedrest and was told to come back the second something didn’t feel right.

Let me tell you, sleeping in my own bed and getting back to my routine of TV and munchies felt like heaven!! Little did I know this ‘honeymoon’ period wouldn’t last long…


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